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Glebe update

Bramble clearanceIMG_20150425_115553

Whilst we have been a bit quiet recently, Willie Telfer has been busy in the Glebe scraping off the large bramble patches (see photo). The plan is to now seed this area as a wildflower meadow to make it more attractive and better for grazing. We’ve also received a new shipment of manure to be composted down and used in the veggie beds.

Action day (Sunday 3rd May 2015: 2-4.30pm)

Come and join us as we get to work planting in the veggie beds. We have been getting some plants going, ready to be planted out (especially Pumpkins!) but there is plenty of spare space if you would like to plant anything yourself (potatoes anyone?). No expertise needed – just come along and get stuck in (or just come for a chat!).

Glebe Greenspace Action Group – contact glebe.greenspace@gmail.com

More about the project – athelstaneford.wordpress.com/glebe-green-space

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