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Update – Donations for refugees

An update from Caroline regarding the donations for refugees:

“On Tuesday 25th January, I delivered a very full car-load of our Village’s donations of warm clothes, toiletries and camping gear.

It was very easy to park outside Studio 24’s premises in Carlton Road, Edinburgh. Hassan from Aleppo and his friend from Damascus soon had everything unloaded and ready to sort. Hassan has lived in Edinburgh for a couple of years now and following the friendly welcome he received when he arrived here, he wants to do all he can to help his fellow countrymen and women. He and a group of about ten others emptied all Tuesday’s donations onto a large central table from where each item was examined and catagorised.

I helped them fill many large, labelled sacks with – men’s, women’s, children’s and miscellaneous items, many of which wil be stored temporarily in a warehouse in Peffermill. Recently it has been taking about four weeks to fill the warehouse and then the sacks are loaded into a shipping container heading for Syria and southern Europe or the van going to Calais. A few items have been put aside for the trickle of refugees arriving in Scotland and some of the toiletries go to Women’s Aid in Edinburgh.”

Re-Act, Refugee Action Scotland will be continuing to collect donated goods over 2016. The drop-off point at Studio 24 is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays (11am-7pm). Financial donations are also welcome.

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