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Gardens Open Day – thank you!

A huge thank you for all your hard work ahead of, during and post Open Gardens. We banked a total of £3,119.25, after deducting £85.83 expenses for hall rental, electricity, napkins, tea, coffee, milk and sugar.

All previous openings have been in May and June so opening in September was a bit of an experiment. We had no idea how numbers would compare. Previous years were consistent at 319 and 321. This year we had a whopping 450 visitors – no wonder we ran out of cake!

The ‘Beechgrove Effect’ was very evident, with many people saying they’d come from further afield. Clearly this explains the record breaking numbers.

60%  – £1871.55, goes to Scotland’s Garden’s charities – there is list of all beneficiaries on page 8 of the yellow book, or on their website. For 2016 they include: Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland, Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres, The Gardens Fund of the National Trust for Scotland and Perennial.

40%  – £1247.70, is distributed locally; equally between the Village Hall, the Church and the Primary School Parent Council. A total of £415.90 each.

Well done to everyone. Please spread the word – we don’t have an email for everyone but we’ll do our best to publicise the happy outcome. Thank you.

Best wishes

Susan and Nicola

P.s. Here are some photos kindly provided by the Duncan’s of their amazing garden(s) on the day:

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