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Have you noticed the Book Nook in the village?

Started in August 2012, a place for you to linger and choose a book. Got one that you’ve finished with, that you’ve enjoyed?

…..then pass it on

…..leave it here

…..swap it for another one

The Book Nook can be found in the red telephone box half way down the village main street. There’s some information about the history of these telephone boxes too. Someone’s gone to a lot of trouble to set this up …. thank you very much! Go and have a look at the ‘nook’!.

One thought on “Book Nook

  1. Confessions from the BOOK NOOK – ‘twas me

    I have heard there has been some speculation about the Initiator of the ‘Book Nook’ – and I am pleased to see that it fills a spot with books!

    I had fun in setting it up…. I can reveal that at an early age I was given scratchy tartan trews to wear and that I still retain a fondness for little black dogs (this one called ‘Patsy).

    26th November – 2 December 2012 is Book Week Scotland.
    Where will you go for Book Week Scotland? Perhaps see you in the Elshanfud Book Nook??

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